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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A few month break...

Hello everyone!

I don't think there will be many freebies in the coming months. You may check the site anyway but I am moving in April (in real life) and I really don't have time or concentration span to work in 3D until we're completely installed in our new place.

As soon as possible, probably sometime in May, we'll resume offering you great freebies as usual.


  1. Hi, all - this is a sad sad post for me to make. We at KCTC got some very bad news this morning about our good friend, the owner and heart of our group, France, whom so many of you know as a valuable member of the 3d community and an incredibly generous woman who provides freebies and webspace along with her time and energy and knowledge and love.

    She was taken to the hospital and has had heart surgery, and is currently in intensive care. We are told the doctors have given her a 50-50 chance to survive. I am heartbroken about my friend being so ill, but hopeful that she will pull through this. I know many people given worse odds who have made it through.

    I ask for your thoughts and prayers for her and her loved ones. I'll keep you updated on her condition in this comment thread.

    Alisa (I can be contacted at Daz3d - user name Alisa Uh-Lisa)

  2. You're in my prayers, France. Without your work I wouldn't have tried toons, and without toons I wouldn't have dared modeling. Get well soon!

  3. We have gotten an email telling us that there really hasn't been any real change, Hopefully more news tomorrow.

  4. Plese see this thread in the Commons at Daz for updates! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts!!